Halloween at the Villages

Each year children at Childhelp villages around the country have fun celebrating Halloween—from haunted hayrides and pumpkin rolls, to Trick or Treating and watching Halloween movies—they all have a blast. Read More »

10 Can’t Miss Safety Tips for Halloween

1. Brighter is better – As you help your children choose their costumes, remember that the brighter the fabric, the more visible they will be at night. You can also attach reflective tape to your child’s costume for added safety in the dark. Read More »

Real life stories from the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD

Just a few days ago an 11-year-old boy called and said, “My mom beats me.” I asked whom he had told about this. He replied that he had only told “the lady down the street.” When I inquired about the beatings, he said that she hits him with her fist and kicks him, and that the beatings were getting worse. Read More »

Tranquility Day Spa Campaign Raises Money For Childhelp

Tranquility Day Spa's recent "One Tip, One Child" campaign raised $500 for the national, non-profit organization, Childhelp. An organization dedicated to helping prevent and treat child abuse. Read More »

Kathie Lee’s Play SAVING AIMEE Debut

We congratulate our dedicated Childhelp Celebrity Ambassador Kathie Lee Gifford on her new play SAVING AIMEE Read More »

Real life stories from the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD

Recently, a 10-year-old boy called the Hotline. He was given a bookmark at his school that tells children about Childhelp’s National Child Abuse Hotline and when they should call for help. Read More »

Congressman Cardoza honors Childhelp Co-Founders for dedication to adoption

Childhelp® co-founders received the Angels in Adoption™ award today from California Congressman Dennis Cardoza and the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) for their lifelong dedication to adoption and positive child welfare practices. Read More »

Cyber-bullying: The bully

With the technology available to children, teens and preteens, bullying has in many ways, taken on a new form. Not that traditional harassment or teasing has disappeared, but rather a new bullying avenue has appeared with the birth of social media. Read More »

Barrett-Jackson Lifts Charity Sales

For years, Barrett-Jackson has used its highly successful auction company to raise money for worthwhile charities around the globe. The organizations benefitting from an influx of needed funds touch people from every walk of life. Read More »

Childhelp Receives $35,000 From Supreme Master Television

Supreme Master TV's Ching Hai offered a generous donation to various charities, including Childhelp; which received $35,000. Read More »

Media Advisory: Shaq, Betty White, Buckcherry team up to offer hope to abused children

When three powerhouses in the sports, entertainment and rock industry get together for a cause – you know it’s an important message. Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, the “most influential celebrity” Betty White and Grammy-nominated rock band Buckcherry all “got in the game” to film a Public Service Announcement for national nonprofit Childhelp. Read More »

Abuse Prevention Education in Schools

How do the experiences and perceptions of today’s students differ from those of previous decades, and how can we communicate the truth to them about tough subjects like bullying and physical, emotional and sexual abuse? Read More »

Stress Prevention?

Is it really possible to prevent stress? According to the National Health Interview Survey about 75% of the general population experiences “some stress” every two weeks, and half of those say their stress level is moderate or high during the same two week period. Read More »


It takes courage to love a child even with he or she does things that inconvenience, stress or hurt us. Read More »

Team Childhelp - Different Roles to Play

Each one of us has different interests, skills, passions, goals, etc. That’s what makes this world such an exciting place to live and getting to know each person a bit of an adventure. Read More »

1-800-4-A-CHILD: What to expect when you call

For almost 30 years, Childhelp’s National Child Abuse Hotline has helped connect individuals with the information or people they need as they confront child abuse in their lives, whether they are a child, parent, teacher or a concerned school administrator. Read More »

Shaq, Betty White and Buckcherry Come Together for Hope - Upcoming PSA

Shaquille O’Neal, Betty White and Buckcherry. What do they have in common? They are all being featured in an upcoming PSA for Childhelp! Read More »

Booboo & Fivel Stewart’s Childhelp Benefit Concerts

The Booboo & Fivel Concerts to End Child Abuse in Tustin, CA and Tempe, AZ on August 12 and 13, respectively, sent a powerful message to young people all over the country — they have the power to fight child abuse. Read More »

Together - Ending the Cycle of abuse

As Maureen Basenberg, director of ChildHelp Children’s Center of Arizona has said in a recent interview, “To know the extent of it and to really own that within our society, you really have to open up a piece of your soul Read More »

Digging Yourself into a Hole to Feel Better

It is always nice to have what you knew by intuition proven correct by science. Scientists at Bristol University have shown that a bacteria found in the soil activated a group of neurons in test mice that produce the brain chemical serotonin. Read More »

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