Childhelp Board Member Talks About His Child Abuse Experience

Jim Pierce, a child of alcoholics, suffered a chaotic childhood. Shuttled among 15 homes, he averaged a new school every year and at times ran away, sleeping under bridges to escape the snow or searching out unlocked cars for protection at night. Read More »

Childhelp Desert Classic Tennis tournament

For the third year in a row, the Childhelp Desert Classic Tennis Tournament has been drawing professional players and crowds to the Missions Hills Country Club in Mission Hills, California. Read More »

No Waiting for “Waiting for Forever”

Childhelp founders, Sara & Yvonne, along with a few hundred of their friends and the local media previewed “Waiting For Forever” at Harkins Theater on Tuesday, February 8. The film, directed by James Keach, husband of long-time Childhelp Ambassador Jane Seymour, is a testament to the blind innocence of love and the power it has to heal. Read More »

Changing a life with a $5 dollar bill

If you’ve been a fan of Childhelp for a little while, you’ve probably heard about the National Child Abuse Hotline, but do you know how it works or about the people it helps? Read More »

Around the Village with Chapelman George

Here at Childhelp we love hearing from the children who have completed our programs and gone forward into the world, healthier and happier. I recently had the personal experience of seeing for myself the power of Childhelp to help heal. Read More »

Short on Time? Four ways to get involved if your calendar is full

Here are a few things you can do if you only have a few hours or even minutes to spare to help protect children. Read More »

Childhelp’s Largest Fundraising Gala A Success!

What a night! The Seventh Annual Childhelp Drive the Dream Gala was an amazing success. Guests donned their cowboy hats and boots for this year’s “Cowboys, Cars and Stars” theme and danced into the night to live music by country music legend Willie Nelson and Family. Read More »

Become a Foster Parent

While by now you probably know about Childhelp’s advocacy centers and group home programs, did you know that Childhelp is licensed to recruit, screen, train, and certify foster care parents? Read More »

January is National Mentoring Month

President Barack Obama has issued a proclamation designating January as National Mentoring Month. He stated, "Across our nation, mentors steer our youth through challenging times... Read More »

Supporter’s Wall - Why do you believe in Childhelp?

Last month, an overwhelming number of Childhelp supporters like you gave generously so that victims of child abuse could find a fresh start in 2011. Now we'd like to offer you another way to show your support for Childhelp by lending your voice to our "Wall of Support.” Read More »

Childhelp Special Friends

Have you ever felt like you were just part of the masses? We’ve all had that nagging feeling at times where we’ve wondered how much value we have as an individual. Read More »

WD-40/SEMA Cares Mustang for Auction to Benefit Childhelp

Mustang being auctioned to benefit children’s charities at the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Show and Auction in Scottsdale, Ariz. Fifty percent of the proceeds will benefit Childhelp and its programs and services. Read More »

The Sleigh Bells

When I was very young my brother was a sound sleeper even on Christmas morning. While I could swear I heard Santa’s sleigh on the rooftop and the jingle of his reindeers’ bells, Craig was totally oblivious until well into the morning, long after the tinsel-dripping tree was surrounded by gifts. Read More »

Getting Through the Holidays and the Dark Days of Winter

This time of year brings joy and excitement, and also some extra stress both because of the holidays and the short number of daylight hours. Here are some things to keep in mind as we approach Christmas and the shortest day of the year (December 21st). Read More »

Childhelp Village Celebrations

Every year the Childhelp Villages in Beaumont, CA and Lignum, Virginia, celebrate Christmas in a very special way. The day begins with tours for the “Special Friends” who help support the children and then performances by the children. Even Santa makes an appearance, handing out toys to each child. Read More »

Giving Back This Holiday Season

Are you looking for a way to give back this holiday season? Check out the following ways that you can support Childhelp’s efforts around the nation: Read More »

Medical Exams - Focus is on the Child

Abuse is a horrible thing and there are people who daily address the needs of abused children in caring and loving ways. This week we are talking about the process of a medical examination, Read More »

Forensic Interviews

Describing abuse you’ve experienced is a challenge for anyone, but it can be especially difficult and traumatizing for a child. That is why trained forensic interviewers are normally utilized when dealing with children under the age of seven or ones with developmental delays. Read More »

Investigation Process in Child Abuse Case

This week we had the opportunity to sit down with a detective who works hand-in-hand with one of the Childhelp Advocacy centers. Each day, his cases focus on investigating crimes against children and gathering enough evidence to uncover and prosecute offenders. Read More »

NASCAR Racer Paulie Harraka’s Visit to the Childhelp VA Village

While playing with the kids, it was easy to forget why we were all there. Yet, it never failed that a reminder always surfaced at the most surprising of times. Read More »

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