How to talk to your kids about abuse

Talking about abuse can be a difficult subject to breach with children. However, like many important discussions, itís not something to wait to talk about until it comes up on its own. Read More »

10 Ways You Can Prevent Child Abuse

Every day five children die because of abuse and neglect. At Childhelp, our goal is to see that number drop to ZERO. Here are ten ways you can help us do just that: Read More »

Real Life Stories From The Hotline

A concerned teacher called the Hotline for a consultation about a student in her class at school. The young child was autistic and non-verbal. Read More »

Childhelp National Day of Hope

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the first Wednesday of April is Childhelp National Day of Hope. On this day, we light a five-wick candle and remember the five children who die every day in the United States due to child abuse and neglect. Read More »

Capitol CAREaoke in DC

his yearís Capitol CAREaoke will feature recording artist and American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks and 10-year-old prodigy violinist, Brianna Kahane, as well as a variety of celebrities and television personalities. Read More »

All who enter here will find love: Through the doors of Childhelp

If I could make the smallest bit of a difference in a childís life, whether itís greeting them, putting a smile on their face, or holding their hand as I walk them into the playroom I have already accomplished so much more than I hoped for. Read More »

Hotline Story

A 12 year old female called the hotline quite distressed (very tearful, nervous). She had seen the Hotline number on a poster. Read More »

SelflessTee Cause Inspired Tees For Childhelp

Starting today and ending March 26th, we have partnered with SelflessTee to bring you a fashion-forward, thought-provoking t-shirt that is designed to inspire conversations and attract attention to the cause. Read More »

Through the Eyes of a Childhelp Counselor

A Childhelp counselor speaks with us about what it's like to fight child abuse on the front lines, the rewards and challenges of the job, and where he is able to find strength for such an emotionally taxing profession. Read More »

We Asked | You Answered!

Last week we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers what advice they would give to a stressed parent and the feedback we received was wonderful. Read More »

Quotes For a ‘Lovely’ Week

In honor of Valentineís Day this week, we thought weíd share some of our favorite quotes about love. Read More »

Advice You Need

Advice is a funny thing. On one hand, it can be incredibly easy to dole out, almost too easy, especially for situations we know only a little about. Read More »

Inspiring New Hope: A Therapist’s Role In Healing

Iíve been a therapist at the Childhelp Childrenís Center of East Tennessee for one year and a half, and I LOVE my job. Read More »

Thank you 2011! Here we come, 2012!

2011 brought many great things to Childhelp. We wanted to highlight some of our favorite and thank all of our supporters, friends and Childhelp family. Read More »

We Get to Make a Difference

Director of the Childhelp Children's Center of East Tennessee discusses the child abuse prevention and treatment programs provided by the Center and details the rewards of her job. Read More »

2012 Drive the Dream Gala Accelerates Childhelp’s Cause

Last weekend, Childhelp held its largest fundraising event of the year at Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event, with the Drive the Dream Gala. Read More »

Talking about the hard things

An Inside look with a Childhelp Forensics Interviewer: "The cases that make the news are a minute percent of what we hear, see and try to prevent from reoccurring on a daily basis." Read More »

CPS reforms are one giant step forward for kids

Central to the plan is a proposal to create a new unit of investigators outside of CPS, people with either law enforcement experience or specialized training in how to recognize a crime scene. Read More »

The Holidays at Childhelp

Want to know how Childhelp celebrated Christmas this year? Take a look at this slideshow of photos and handmade Christmas cards from the villages: Read More »

New Year’s Resolution: Get an Early Start on Tax Season

Bestselling author and Childhelp supporter, Sharon Lechter, offers our generous donors a little tax advice to manage your charitable giving. Read More »

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