NCAA Lowers Boom on Penn State:

Penn State's football program faces the daunting task of rebuilding itself while accepting punishment for enabling a culture that covered up child sexual abuse and led to the downfall of a storied college coach Read More »

Child abuse cases and foreclosures linked?

Does a higher foreclosure rate mean more kids will become victims of physical abuse? A new pediatric study says so. Read More »

Tough Questions For Caregivers About Child Sexual Abuse

Finding the right caregiver for your child is a parenting decision not to be taken lightly. When selecting a caregiver for your child, or evaluating ones you already use, try asking questions like these. Read More »

Steel Mesh Used to Confine 4-year-old Ohio Girl

A Cage-like enclosure was found by Fairfield County Deputies around the bed of a 4-year-old Ohio girl on Tuesday. Reports say the cage was used to confine the girl to her bed by locking a screen door with a latch and deadbolt. Read More »

Blow The Whistle on Child Abuse | A Letter From The Founders

At Childhelp, we have always believed that sports encourage children to heal. As America’s leading national nonprofit dedicated to helping victims of abuse and neglect, we have witnessed firsthand the psychological and physical benefits of fitness. Read More »

7 Ways To Have A Safe Fourth Of July

To keep the activities going in to the night, please follow these 7 tips to having a safe and fun Independence Day. Read More »

Childhelp Drive The Dream - Orange County 2012

A showroom of gleaming classic and collectible cars was the setting for the third annual Childhelp Drive the Dream Gala-Orange County, held in conjunction with the 41st Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction. Read More »

Sexting And What It Means For Your Children

Sexting. It’s becoming a more and more serious issue for teens as technology has become so accessible. But what is "sexting," exactly? Read More »

Jerry Sandusky’s Victims Aren’t Alone

Like the young men who bravely took the stand in the Sandusky trial, I was molested as a child. That's still not easy for me to say, let alone write and share publicly, but if we've learned anything from the Sandusky scandal it's that the time for silence is over. Read More »

Sex Abusers Prey On Kids’ Trust

"Most of the kids don't report that someone did something to them; there's the whole shame factor," said Steven Lancaster, executive director of the nonprofit Childhelp Alice C. Tyler Village, a residential treatment center for abused children in Lignum, Virginia. Read More »

Sandusky trial nightmares | how to keep your kids safe from the abuse I experienced

The trial of Jerry Sandusky evokes nightmares for millions of people—including me. The details of Sandusky's manipulation, intimidation, and vile acts are sickening and familiar. My own "Jerry Sandusky" was a day camp counselor who abused and terrorized me when I was in the third grade. Read More »

Keeping Your Kids Safe on Facebook

Facebook is the most utilized social networking site world wide with more than 900 million users. The magic age for kids to be considered Facebook legal is 13. But of Facebook’s current users, an estimated 7.5 million are under the age of 13 and 5 million are under the age of 10. Read More »

Roseville Mother Officially Charged In 2-Year-Old Daughter’s Death

The Placer County District Attorney’s Office has officially filed charges against a Roseville mother in connection with the death of her 2-year-old daughter. Read More »

Karate instructor arrested for child molestation

A Valley karate instructor is accused of child molestation, and this isn't the first time he's been under investigation by police. Read More »

Lessons to be learned from the Sandusky Case

All eyes are on the Jerry Sandusky trial right now, watching every detail unfold as each witness takes the stand against him. Between the tragedy, stories of lost innocence and the drama of the court proceedings there are lessons for all of us to take forward in our lives to help prevent more Sandusky-type cases in the future. Read More »

Cyber-bullying: The victim

Cyber-bullying is an increasing issue among youth in today's society. We want to talk about what to do if you discover your child has been the victim of a cyber-bully. Read More »

Social Madness — A Chance to Win $10,000 to help end child abuse

Childhelp has a chance to have $10,000 donated to us, but we need your help! Join in the "Social Madness!" Read More »

4-Year-Old Phoenix Girl Dies After Brutal Abuse

A 4-year-old Phoenix girl who authorities said suffered extensive abuse at the hands of her mother and the mother's boyfriend has died, authorities said. Read More »

Call For Help No Matter What Language You Speak | Real Life Stories From The Hotline

A desperate father wanted to make a child abuse report but was finding it difficult as he could not speak or understand English. Read More »

The Advocacy Center In Action

While this was a busy night by any standard, the complexity of each investigation, sheer number of kids involved and the relentless pace of this night surpassed anything most of us have seen in a long time. Read More »

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