10 Can’t Miss Safety Tips for Halloween


  1. Brighter is better – As you help your children choose their costumes, remember that the brighter the fabric, the more visible they will be at night. You can also attach reflective tape to your child’s costume for added safety in the dark.
  2. Make it a family affair – If your children are under twelve, be sure to tag along with them. For older kids who may be ready for more independence, take some time to meet the group of teens they want to go with and that they have a planned route. Remind them not to go inside anyone’s house without a trusted adult and to only approach houses that are well lit.
  3. Check out the treats – Be sure that your child has a healthy dinner or snack before trick-or-treating so they are not tempted to snack along the way. When you get home, inspect each piece of candy and throw away any that are opened or look tampered with or homemade.
  4. Use not-so-pointy pointy objects – Any costume props such as knives or swords should be short, soft and flexible for increased safety.
  5. Look both ways – Practice pedestrian safety by checking both directions before crossing the street.
  6. Stick to the sidewalk – Staying on the sidewalk as much as possible can help increase visibility. If you are on a street that doesn’t have a sidewalk, be sure to walk on the farthest edge of the road, facing oncoming traffic.
  7. Get a good fit – Be sure that each part of your child’s costume fits well to help them avoid blocked vision and tripping.
  8. Avoid break-outs and stinging eyes – If your child’s costume requires makeup, be sure to test it out in a small quantity first to prevent eye and skin irritation.
  9. See and be seen – Giving each child a flashlight will help them see where they are going and be seen better by passersby.
  10. Walk, don’t run – Encourage your child to walk from house to house and to be careful not to run out from between parked cars or across lawns and yards where ornaments, furniture, or clotheslines present dangers.

Have a safe Halloween!

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