10 Ways to Help Out a Stressed Parent


We all experience stress at different times in our lives, and during those times it tends to have an effect on our families and the people closest to us. However, for parents especially, it’s important to learn to handle stress effectively because the people closest to us are often our children.

However, for some that doesn’t come easily. If you are a parent experiencing a lot of stress, here’s a previous post with suggestions on how to manage stress in your own life. If you know a stressed out parent, here are a few ways you may be able to help alleviate some of their burden.

1) Offer to babysit so the parent can run errands, go to the gym to de-stress or have a night out.

2) Start a carpool and offer to bring the kids to or from school each day.

3) Be available if he or she needs to talk.

4) If you have an older son or daughter who is good at a particular subject, suggest he or she tutor the parent’s younger child.

5) Invite the parent to a girls or guys night out to help them relax with adults.

6) If they have a newborn, offer to bring over a meal or two to help them as they transition into parenthood.

7) If you both have younger children, start a play group, so both parents and kids can have some time with their peers.

8) Give them a call just to check in and ask them how their day is going.

9) See if they want to join you for your weekly yoga class or morning jog.

10) Offer to have the kids over to your house so the parent can relax at home.

Which of these will you try this week? Do you have any other ideas for helping other parents de-stress?

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