4-Year-Old Phoenix Girl Dies After Brutal Abuse

A 4-year-old Phoenix girl who authorities said suffered extensive abuse at the hands of her mother and the mother's boyfriend has died, authorities said.

The girl, Toryn Buckman, was pronounced dead Thursday night after being taken to Phoenix Children's Hospital, according to the Maricopa County Superior Court documents and Phoenix police. She suffered injuries from head to toe, the documents said.

The case is now classified as a homicide, said Sgt. Tommy Thompson of the Phoenix Police Department.

Act Now - End Child Abuse Ashely Buckman, the 22-year-old mother, was arrested on suspicion of four counts of child abuse, a felony, officials said. James Edwards, 22, the live-in boyfriend, was arrested on suspicion of two counts of child abuse, officials said.

Buckman and Edwards will likely face additional charges related to the death of the Toryn, according to Phoenix police.

During Buckman's initial appearance at the Fourth Avenue Jail, she said she had proof that she did not cause the brutality and that there are threats on her phone from the person who did it.

The child's nipples had been torn off, ribs were fractured and patterned injuries were found on various parts of her body made by a hanger, officials said.

Edwards told authorities he knew about the abuse for about six months and did not report it, according to the court documents.

Edwards told authorities he disciplined the child using his hands and remote control. He told authorities he placed the girl in scalding hot bath water several weeks ago, according to court documents.

The burns were still visible Thursday, officials said.

Buckman also told authorities she beat her daughter with a clothes hangar, smacked her in the mouth and twisted her nipples until they bled, according to court documents.

by Chelsey Davis - Jun. 1, 2012 10:48 AM
The Arizona Republic-12 News Breaking News Team

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