A Child’s Future Becomes Clearer and Brighter


BoyI enrolled a new family at Childhelp Cummings Community Center in March whom I recruited at the Pendergast Kindergarten Open Enrollment. The child is 4 and going into Kindergarten this fall.

For the first six visits I was becoming more aware of the child’s inability to recognize letters, draw letters or even be able to trace them. When prompted to trace a straight line, the child could not do this either. On the seventh visit I decided to complete an assessment with the child and mother. The results were very concerning in the areas of fine motor skills, problem solving and communication.

What really caught my attention was the area of fine motor skills and the fact that he only passed one question. When the child tried to copy a letter or print the letter below it, his attempt did not signify a letter at all. When I asked the child to draw a picture of his mother or Ms. Killian, he would. But again this would not signify a stick figure at all.

Finally, I suggested the child get a vision test.  Immediately, the mom picked up the phone and called her family doctor. They proceeded to tell her that vision tests are not done until children are 6 years old. I suggested the mom call somewhere else. She did, and an appointment was scheduled for the very next day!

Results as of May 28, 2012: the child is far-sighted and has astigmatism. We are now starting over with letter, shape and picture recognition. The results are dramatic! (Oh, and the child loves wearing glasses!)

Crystal Killian, BS
Parent Educator
Childhelp Cummings Community Center

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