Abuse Prevention Education in Schools


How do the experiences and perceptions of today’s students differ from those of previous decades, and how can we communicate the truth to them about tough subjects like bullying and physical, emotional and sexual abuse? Alongside development teams at Arizona State University, those are the precise questions we sought to answer as we updated our Good-Touch Bad-Touch® program to create the new Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe™ curriculum.

Speak Up Be Safe provides curriculum for teachers and uses web-based tools to address new issues such as Internet safety skills and cyber-bullying, bringing a 21st century approach to the prevention of abuse. However, it also helps empower children by redirecting focus on adult responsibility and teaching the skills necessary to help keep them safe.

Tested in Florida schools during the 2010-2011 school-year, Speak Up Be Safe curriculum, materials and training capsules are have already been launched to schools throughout the country for the current semester.

To go along with the brand new curriculum, a new website has also been developed for the program. Go to www.Childhelp.org/SpeakUpBeSafe to learn how to bring Speak Up Be Safe to your school.

Was abuse, neglect or bullying ever discussed at school when you were young?

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