An Inside Look Into the Village - Pass the green beans


Eating is a big part of my enjoyment in working at the ACT Village of Childhelp in Virginia.  The social act of eating meals together offers many opportunities for positive role modeling and social interaction with the children.  Part of my routine for the past few years has been to share lunch during school with the children in the gym.  I also often try to eat supper in a different group home each evening.  Every Sunday after chapel I share lunch with the ladies in T4 cottage.  Those girls always have a way of brightening my day.    

Eating is something that all of us have been doing all of our lives.  It takes up a significant portion of our lives both in time spent and in influence toward our inner well being.  A healthy experience of taking into our bodies the sustenance of life can have a lasting transformative effect on the form of our character.  I don’t want to make a sandwich seem too important but how it is consumed and with whom can really make a difference in the life of a traumatized child.  There are not many places where you can work and have life changing impact simply by passing the green beans.  A Childhelp Village is such a place.

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