Around the Village with Chapelman George


Here at Childhelp we love hearing from the children who have completed our programs and gone forward into the world, healthier and happier. As the Chaplain at the Merv Griffin Village in Beaumont, California, I support and guide the children toward healing on the spiritual level. I recently had the personal experience of seeing for myself the power of Childhelp to help heal.

I was searching for a garage or mechanic to perform some maintenance on my car.  I drove past this one particular shop several times wondering if I should try them or not.  Eventually I did go in and explained to the Service Technician what the problems were with my car.  As he was taking the particulars from me I observed a young girl come from the office area and wave at me and then return to the office.  My first thoughts were, “I know that child...”  I continued to discuss the funny noises that my car was making with the Technician, and we were in the process of setting an appointment when the young lady came from the office and said, “Hi Chapelman George.” I recognized her as one of our former Village residents who had graduated our program.  The technician asked her how she knew me and she replied, “Oh, that’s Chapelman George, he’s the Chaplain at the Village.”  

At this point a look of gratitude came over the technician’s face.  He said to me “This is my daughter, and she is not the same child that came to Childhelp a few months ago.  She is so much better and it is because of Childhelp and everyone involved with her that she is different.”  With tears in his eyes, he said, “Please tell everyone at Childhelp we both say thanks.”

As I left the shop I thought about the odds that I would pass this shop several times and then enter to find one of our former residents doing well and enjoying a happy home life.

On behalf of this grateful father and to everyone at the Childhelp Merv Griffin Village involved in this child’s life, thank you; be proud of what you helped this child accomplish.  I wish I could reveal her name but know this, she was someone in need that you accepted into your safe environment, and the fruits of your labors are now growing into a healthy, productive child

For the love of a child…

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