Building Self-Esteem One Compliment at a Time


Building self-esteem is an important step in the healing process for the abused and neglected children who call the Alice C. Tyler Village of Virginia home. The Village’s staff of therapists, teachers, social workers and medical professionals strives to provide a nurturing environment in which trust, confidence and healing can take root and grow. 

While low self-esteem can be a problem for all children, it is especially prominent in young girls. According to the National Council for Research on Women and the National Organization for Women, over half of all young women suffer from low self-esteem. Staff at the Village recently developed an activity called the “compliment circle” aimed at building self-esteem for the girls living at the Village. The girls are asked to make a circle with one girl in the middle. The others are then asked to say something nice about the girl in the center of the circle.

“Some of the girls seemed uncomfortable when receiving compliments, but they all seemed to like the experience,” says Amanda, a clinical intern at the Village. According to Amanda, the girls in the group appeared to grow personally during the activity.

Most children come to the Village experiencing severe behavioral and emotional problems as a result of their previous abuse or neglect. Groundbreaking therapies as well as simple gestures help to build their self-worth and show them that they are loved.  While the Village cannot erase the tragic events of a child’s past, the loving staff creates a healing home from which a child can emerge with the self esteem to succeed.

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