Child Advocacy Centers


When a child enters one of Childhelp’s five children’s advocacy centers they’re often afraid, emotionally drained and battered. They’ve likely been removed from a situation of abuse where they have been suppressed and treated like no human being should be. That’s where our team of skilled professionals steps in to utilize a highly-effective, one-stop approach to investigating child abuse. Each week this month we’d like to talk about some of the special people that care for our children.

Each of Childhelp’s five children’s advocacy centers provide a child-friendly facility at which members of the investigative team interview, medically examine, provide and refer treatment for abused children while pursuing the prosecution of offenders. The multidisciplinary team typically includes professionals in the areas of law enforcement, child protective services, medicine, mental health and prosecution.

By joining all these professional together in one child-friendly facility, it reduces the number of interviews a child has to go through and spares them the experience of a hospital room or police station. Not only that, but the child doesn’t have to visit several facilities, allowing what could be a week long process to be completed in a few hours.

The professionals who dedicate themselves to treating victims of child abuse are second to none. These caring individuals are a core part of Childhelp’s mission in treating and preventing child abuse. We are blessed to have each and every one of them and thankful for the work they do to help innocent lives.

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