Childhelp Crystal Darkness Upcoming Campaigns

Childhelp Crystal Darkness is a 30 minute documentary on the dangers and prevalence of the drug methamphetamine. The film features powerful testimonies of young people who have gone through the horrors of Meth addiction as well as high profile politicians and law enforcement officials.

This Emmy award winning documentary is the centerpiece of a city by city, state by state campaign and has garnered the attention of residents in regions across the United States when it airs. In Arizona alone last April, the program reached an estimated 2.5 million residents and took over 1,200 phone calls from persons seeking help with meth addiction

Childhelp Crystal Darkness is the newest program for Childhelp.  As part of this program, we have set up a hot line, 1-888-METH-AID, in addition to our child abuse hot line, 1-800-4-A-CHILD. Childhelp made the move to be active in meth awareness as it is reported that over two-thirds of the cases of child abuse have a direct correlation to meth use or production by the child's parents or guardian.

On January 7th, the state of Colorado will air the documentary.  On  January 13th, it will air in the state of Oklahoma.


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