Childhelp National Day of Hope

Childhelp National Day Of Hope

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the first Wednesday of April is Childhelp National Day of Hope.

On this day, we light a five-wick candle and remember the five children who die every day in the United States due to child abuse and neglect.  We also recite this prayer:

Childhelp National Day of Hope Prayer

Dear God,
Our prayer is for the children, little ones so small,
Who suffer neglect, abuse and pain behind a silent wall.
Please protect and comfort them;
Let Your presence calm their fear.
Give them courage to tell someone,
Help all of us to hear.
Instill in each one of us to remember them in our prayers.
Please give them hope and
Let them know a nation truly cares.
For the love of a child,

©2005 Personal Poetry, Inc.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month was enacted by Congress through strong encouragement of the Childhelp Founders, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson in 1983. Later, in 1999, the Childhelp National Day of Hope became the day when we, as a nation, remember the children who pass away every day due to abuse and neglect.

At Childhelp Headquarters, after reciting the prayer and observing one minute of silence, we were reminded of why we do the work we do. We were also brought back to a time when the Childhelp National Day of Hope candle had three wicks to represent the three children who were dying a day due to abuse and neglect. We are greatly saddened by the fact that we are now up to five and, with heavy hearts, wonder what the number will be up to next year.

As headline news stories continue to show us, child abuse is at epidemic proportions.

Please educate yourself and others about the signs of child abuse. Arm yourself if you think a child has been abused. SPEAK UP! Speak up for the 5 children who couldn’t speak up. Spread the word about Childhelp and help share the light of hope for ALL suffering children.

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