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Have you ever felt like you were just part of the masses?  We’ve all had that nagging feeling at times where we’ve wondered how much value we have as an individual.  Children often face those same questions, especially if they have experienced abuse.  At our Childhelp villages, professional care teams do everything they can to treat the child in a way that meets their individual needs.  However, without our Special Friends program, it just wouldn’t be enough.

Childhelp Special Friends provide another level of individual attention to children in the villages that helps each child feel special and cared for throughout the year.  Special Friends visit their friend in the village three times each year: during the holidays, on the child’s birthday and once during the Spring.  They also send cards throughout the year on holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter.  Many times, children develop a close relationship with their Special Friend and even call them just to say hi.

Special Friends fill in the gaps where many parents and even social workers are unable to meet the emotional needs of the child.  Having a sense of connection outside of the village also helps the child feel more normal and can help make the transition back into the world a little easier later on.

Because being a Childhelp Special Friend is such a big commitment, we ask that they first join a Chapter or Auxiliary group and that they go through a rigorous background check and application process.  However, the rewards of providing love to a child are exponential.

At Childhelp we are blessed to have the wonderful, caring adults who currently volunteer as Special Friends.  If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Special Friend, please contact Judy Jensen at to first learn about how you can join a Chapter or Auxiliary group near you.

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