Childhelp Villages

From the moment a child steps foot in the door, an overwhelming feeling of a safe haven and an aura of positive energy fills the room. The Villages at Childhelp are not your average group home.  These facilities offer children a second chance at life.

From the counselors to the doctors, each one is empathetic to each individual child. Members of the team understand what they have been through and are fully dedicated to the growth and aspiration of every child there.

These residential treatment facilities, located in rural areas, provide 24-hour care for each child in the facility.  The nurturing environment slowly builds the trust back between the child and adult counselors as many different types of therapy are used during treatment, such as art and animal therapy.  Drawing can help mend even the deepest wounds. It also helps release aggression in a healthy way. Through the use of animals, children can bond and begin to heal. Pets truly have the power to heal a child with emotional issues that sometimes a human cannot. 

Some of the children at Childhelp Villages have been through experiences that we only can imagine, and the devastation they have been through has left an abundance of fear. The Villages bring hope, healing and comfort to children who may not be able to receive the care they need elsewhere.  The staff at these Villages gives unconditional love to every child that walks in their doors. The professionals and volunteers give their very best to make sure each child leaves with a step in the right direction toward adulthood.  In fact, patients that are treated in a village are less likely to abuse alcohol, drugs or be involved with other illegal activities later on.

Children who have been abused need stability and acceptance, and the villages provide just that. A step in the right direction. A chance at healing and a second chance at life.

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