Economic impact of domestic violence


Domestic violence hurts everyone, not just those from abusive homes. In fact, the economic impact of domestic violence in the U.S. is staggering. The direct medical, mental and health services costs for victims of domestic abuse exceeds $5.8 billion annually. Assuming the average age for new parents is 25, that means the U.S. spends $145 billion in treating abused spouses each generation.

Not only that, but productivity is severely damaged by domestic abuse as well. Spouses and intimate partners lost 8 million work days thanks to domestic abuse, the equivalent of the U.S. losing 32,000 jobs. Nearly as many home days for full-time mothers were lost as well.

However you splice it, domestic violence costs all of us; financially, physically, mentally and as a society. If you are a victim or know of one, it’s never too late to take action to help. You could save a life.

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