In-kind Gifts: Donors like Essante Organics help our survivors thrive

Caring for the boys and girls at Childhelp villages is more than a service we provide for the communities in which we work. It is our mission to meet the needs of abused, neglected and at-risk children — a duty Childhelp staffers meet with joyous hearts every day. Seeing to the day-to-day requirements of hundreds of children every year is a challenge we only rise to through the committed compassion of donors, volunteers and advocates who entrust Childhelp with their treasure, time and talent.

After 55 years, Childhelp remains honored to serve as stewards for the generosity of others toward boys and girls whose lives have been interrupted. From our beginnings serving displaced children in Japan and Vietnam, one of our most reliable and impactful resources has been in-kind donations from individuals and businesses who care enough to give what they can from what they have. In-kind donors have provided everything from clothes to backpacks to bicycles to furnishings — all offered in a spirit of love to magnify the lives of survivors who become a part of the Childhelp family.

One more recent in-kind donation comes from Essanté Organics, a company that provided hundreds of bottles of their ToxicFree Baby Lotion for the children in our villages and group homes.

Caring after dry or damaged skin is more than a little comfort of home or small luxury of childhood, but even the smallest amenity can mean the difference between a child merely surviving and a child *thriving* in our care. While many of those everyday comforts cannot be accommodated with traditional sources of funding, volunteers and in-kind donors like Essanté help us shape a life of abundance for all those who are healing under Childhelp’s roof.

Guiding a child as he or she moves from a life of neglect and abuse into a future of hope and healing is truly a team effort. Childhelp’s mental health professionals and childcare experts provide so much for the children at our villages and group homes, but without the help of the rest of the Childhelp family, there could never be the culture of richness that is so necessary for the health and well-being of those in our care.

We want to offer our thanks to Essanté, who have helped us nurture brighter futures for children touched by our programs and services. The love Childhelp shares in the lives of our clients springs not only from the passionate care of our staff and volunteers, but also from the kind generosity of corporations and individuals who find ways their passions and ours can work in harmony ... for the love of a child.

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