Exploring Emotion Through Artwork

Drawings are a vessel for individuals to express their dreams, fears, pain and fantasies. One of the advantages of art therapy is its ability to bypass verbal defenses developed over a life span. Its use with individuals, families or groups makes art therapy very universal.

However, it is particularly useful for children, who either do not have proficient verbal skills or may have been penalized in some way for opening up about their lives. Art therapy also works well with children who have built up defense mechanisms and dense emotional walls due.

Initially, children’s drawings provide insight into the perception the child has of his or her world. Drawings can also give counselors indications as to what areas the client has made progress and what areas they still need to improve upon. At the end of treatment, they can offer a clear picture of the overall progress the client has made during treatment for the benefit of client and those who care for them.

Art therapy is universal, non-threatening in nature and provides a wealth of information in a brief amount of time. With the ability to help children heal even from the most traumatic of circumstances, art therapy is an invaluable tool at Childhelp.

It's one of many healing tools utilized in the Alice C. Tyler Village, Merv Griffin Village and the Advocacy Centers. To learn more, visit our Programs page.


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