Getting to know Childhelp: An interview with Angela Hofrichter


This week on the blog, we had the chance to interview Angela Hofrichter, Special Events Coordinator for Childhelp about the upcoming annual Drive the Dream Gala. About four years ago Angela was asked by several friends to volunteer for the Gala as well as several other events. After volunteering for two consecutive years, we had grown to love her and her great work so much that we brought her on as a paid staff member to help plan all of our events!

We hope you enjoy getting to know Angela and the Drive the Dream Gala just as much as we have!

Our first question was “Why Childhelp?” Here’s what Angela had to say:

I chose Childhelp as my charity of choice here in the Valley because I have personal experience with the issues that we deal with here every day. From the time I was 4-months-old my brother, sister and I were taken away from our biological family because of abuse and neglect. We were put in a long series of group homes and foster families that taught us to trust no one. During the next 5 ½ years we were placed in over 8 different living situations. Finally right before I turned 6, a family adopted all three of us. These are now the people that I call “Mom and Dad.” Thus, with this as my life experience it was a natural choice to be able to work with kids that are going through exactly what I had. Maybe I can make their lives a little better than they were before they came to Childhelp.

Why is Drive the Dream important for Childhelp and how does it help the organization?

The Drive the Dream Gala raises over a million dollars for Childhelp each year. This alone is very important to Childhelp but the gala also allows us to promote Childhelp to new donors and cultivate new relationships with companies in the valley as well as nationwide. Since Childhelp gives an average of 90 cents of every dollar to our programs, we will take any marketing that we can get!

What is your favorite part about Drive the Dream? What is unique about this year’s event?

My favorite part of Drive the Dream is most likely the amazing stories that are told during the program. Every year, the individuals that we present with awards are always so incredibly passionate about Childhelp. Last year, one of the children that had gone through our Arizona Advocacy Center, actually came up on stage with his mother and personally thanked Childhelp for all the help they had given him. It means a lot when you actually see who you have helped through your donation.

As for this year, I am sure that our awardees will be just as amazing. Kathie Lee Gifford, who is a long time supporter of Childhelp, will be awarded the Childhelp Spirit of the Children Award. Nancy Grace, of CNN News, will also be in attendance and will be awarded the Childhelp Positive Impact in Media Award. And last but least, the round out what is sure to be a wonderful night, singer/songwriter, Michael Bolton will be there to serenade the attendees.

How can the community get involved with Drive the Dream?

There are many ways for the community to get involved. For an individual, becoming part of Childhelp can range from donating a new toy or change of clothes, to becoming part of Childhelp’s “Childhelper” program, a program that enables the donor to give monthly through an automated process. For companies, they can host fundraising events among their employees or their clients. There are also various volunteer opportunities within Childhelp such as helping with events or volunteering at one of Childhelp’s various programs.

What do you like to do in your free time?

During my free time I typically am either playing my guitar, reading books, going to Bikram Yoga or going to dinner with friends.

Want more information about Drive the Dream? Click here!

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