Governors unite and sign resolution against child abuse

The Childhelp bus was in Biloxi, Mississippi this last weekend and Sara O'Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, along with Childhelp National Board Members Val and Kathy Halamandaris, were seeknig support from Governors. With the help of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, 22 Governors signed a resolution to unite against child abuse. The remaining signatures will be added to the resolution as the bus moves from state to state.

Text of the Resolution:

Whereas, children are America’s most precious asset and deserve our most committed support and protection; and whereas, the issue of child abuse and neglect is a serious and growing problem in America; and whereas, every 10 seconds a child is abused in America and whereas, ever day five children die as the result of child abuse in America; and whereas, ever year millions of children are abused in America; and whereas, due to the current economic downturn child abuse has been increasing in incidences and in severity in America. Now, therefore, be it resolved, that we, the Governors of the fifty United States of America and affiliated Territories, hereby pledge to do everything in our power to fight and bring an end to child abuse in America.
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