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“I buried an animal this week, Chaplain Dave”

“I buried an animal this week, Chaplain Dave”; the boy stopped to tell me as he entered the chapel for the service one Sunday morning.  “Really”, I said, “what was it?”

“Well I saw a baby bird on the ground and he couldn’t fly so I picked him up to help and I guess he got scared and bit me on my finger so I slammed him into the ground.” 

At the Childhelp Alice C. Tyler Village we see first hand, every day, the results of anger, frustration, abuse or neglect when inflicted on another living creature.  The children who come to the Village express what they have learned about life in a variety of negative ways.   The goal of the Village setting is to find ways to break that pattern of violence and anger and plug in some new patterns of caring and peace.  We do that by listening, showing respect, teaching and giving care.  The process is really very simple but the rewards for children and families who have experienced so much pain and failure can be immense.  This is just another way that the unique environment and program of a Childhelp Village can help hurting children begin to heal.


- David Henry

David Henry is the Chaplain at the Childhelp Alice C. Tyler Village located in Virginia

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