It’s All About Trust

The child wanted to pet Misty one of our Nigerian dwarf goats, but the child was approaching Misty too fast and too loud. 

Misty was running away out of fear. 

A little coaching from the staff to the child about how to stop, kneel down and talk softly did the trick and Misty came back to the child to be petted. 

 Scenes like that happen often in the Animal Care Center at the Childhelp Alice C. Tyler Village.  All of the children who arrive at the Village have failed in other settings- home, school, etc..  Many times they have failed because of poor social interaction skills.  The animals give the children an opportunity to practice ‘earning trust’ with the instant gratification payback provided by the touch of an animal. 

Each child when they visit the Animal Care Center is reminded ‘This is the animals’ home. We will treat them with respect in their home as we would want to be treated in our own home’.  Just another example of how the unique environment that is a Childhelp Village can be used to help hurting children begin to heal.

- David Henry

David Henry is the Chaplain at the Childhelp Alice C. Tyler Village located in Virginia 

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