January is National Mentoring Month


President Barack Obama has issued a proclamation designating January as National Mentoring Month. He stated, "Across our nation, mentors steer our youth through challenging times and support their journey into adulthood. During National Mentoring Month, we honor these important individuals who unlock the potential and nurture the talent of our country, and we encourage more Americans to reach out and mentor young people in their community."

January 2011 marks the 10th anniversary of National Mentoring Month, an annual media campaign to recruit volunteer mentors for young people.

Volunteer mentors can play a powerful role in reducing drug abuse and youth violence, as well as boosting academic achievement. Mentors help build young people's character and confidence, expand their universe and help them navigate a path to success. Despite these benefits, however, the gap between the number of mentors and the number of young people who need a mentor continues to grow. While three million young people have a mentor, 15 million need a caring adult mentor in their lives.

Join millions of others in honoring an important mentor in your life- someone who showed you the ropes and helped you become who you are today.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Chidlhelp Mentor Program in Michigan or go to www.childhelp.org/MI.

For Childhelp mentoring opportunities in other states, visit our Programs page.

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