Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet


As of May 2009, children ages 2-11 make up nearly 10% of the active online universe (Nielsen, 2010).

As of February 2010, 73% of wired teens now use social networking websites, up from 55% in 2006 (Pew, 2010).


With the increasing appeal of social networking websites like Facebook and online children’s gaming networks such as Club Penguin, these statistics seem to promise that our teens and children will continue to spend more and more time online.

As points out, teens are “living their lives online.” From sharing photos and posting status updates to watching friend’s YouTube videos and catching the latest episode of The Office, teens find entertainment, friendship and expression online.

The jury is still out on whether this online lifestyle detracts from the quality of relationships kids and teens experience. However, what is clear is that tweens and teenagers are susceptible to internet predators in the forms of bullies, opportunists and inappropriate advertisements.

As Childhelp works together with Common Sense Media to promote the Do Not Track Kid’s campaign, we’re also going to post a series of blogs aimed at helping you identify ways to promote online safety in your home.  

Some of the things we’ll talk about in this series are:

  • Safety tips for kids, pre-teens and teens
  • Kid friendly online tools
  • Cyberbullying
  • Avoiding Online Predators
  • How to adjust Facebook privacy settings
  • Using “safe search” on Google and other safety settings
  • How should I monitor my child’s activity online?

What issues have you had with your kids spending time online? Are there other topics you would like learn about in regards to online safety? Let us know in the comments and you might be the inspiration for our next internet safety blog post!

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