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Myth was a story that emerged from my experiences working in a special needs school. It was my first true glimpse at what some children are forced to endure. As adults on the outside, there are times we may never be aware of what is happening in a child's life. They struggle to hide the physical and emotional trauma in their lives. But there truly is no hiding it. Far too often, stories of abuse or the neglect of these innocent kids would come to the surface. The vigilance and kindness of an incredible staff were not enough. Calls to Youth Services and the State were not enough. The problem persisted. 

In many ways Myth was written for the children in my school. I imagined them escaping the abuse and the image in my head was striking; an abused child joining forces with a giant to fight back against his tormentors. Myth became a way for me to write a different story than the ones unfolding around us. It was a way to story express the inspiring nature of children, and that is their unwavering belief that the world is a good place and that incredible things are waiting for them just around the corner. 

Children are resilient. The students I worked with always fought back to regain that innocence and hopeful view that I think defines childhood. They have this innate ability to rise above. It may take a bit of time for the wounds to heal, but, with some help from the outside, a child can heal and achieve amazing things. 

As much as we'd like to, there is no going back to stop a case of abuse once it has occurred. The focus shifts toward keeping the child safe and providing the care and support needed to overcome the physical and emotional trauma. Child Help has demonstrated, through their villages and exceptional therapy programs, that when given just enough support, a child can overcome even the darkest moments. 

That’s what Myth represents for me. It was a way to show, albeit through a fantasy adventure, that a child can rise from what they’ve experienced and that there are people in this world who care and will listen and will help them cope with the trauma. I want a child to hold our book and find themselves in the story, where they rise above and refuse to let their childhood be stripped from them. If a victim is inspired by what we've created, then we couldn't be more proud. 

That’s what we have strived for with Myth and that's what Child Help has proven to be. They stand to defend the innocence that childhood is and empower children to take control in even the darkest moments. It's Child Help's dedication to victim care, therapy, and advocacy that makes the difference a comic book never could. 


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