No Waiting for “Waiting for Forever”


Childhelp founders, Sara & Yvonne, along with a few hundred of their friends and the local media previewed “Waiting For Forever” at Harkins Theater on Tuesday, February 8.  The film, directed by James Keach, husband of long-time Childhelp Ambassador Jane Seymour, is a testament to the blind innocence of love and the power it has to heal. Jane was also in attendance to support the film along with Producer Trevor Albert.  The movie was outstanding and was a breath of fresh air for movie goers.   After the preview, the trio fielded questions from the audience; it was a real treat to interact with the stars and hear the inside scoop about how the movie was made.  For instance, did you know leading man, Tom Sturridge, is English and couldn’t juggle before accepting the part?  You would have never known it because he mastered both an American accent and juggling to give an authentic performance.

The movie will be released to general audiences in the next week or two.  Keep an eye out for it and be sure to see it - you won’t be disappointed.  Check out the trailer on YouTube or read the write-up below:




It’s been sixteen years since fate separated Will from Emma, a day that closely followed the death of his parents. From that day on he has been a man frozen in time. Will has stopped the clock, turning the hands back to the moment just before tragedy struck. Safe within the confines of fantasy, he is still the nine-year old boy who found solace and joy each day and a loving friendship in the company of a little girl, his very best friend from the days of uncomplicated childhood joy.

But, in fact, time has passed and that little girl is grown now, busy fulfilling the expectations of adulthood: the pursuit of career, relationships, and social obligation – all of which have produced complications that are now closing in on her. Emma is a young actress whose career is faltering and whose personal life is crumbling as well. A romantic relationship she is in with a fellow actor, is in crisis and what is worse, she is the cause. It comes as an ironic relief to Emma that she must return home to tend to a crisis of another sort: the failing health of her father. This return to the territory of their childhood opens a portal for Will to pass through: the possibility of meeting Emma on the turf of their past.

The fact is Will has been following Emma for years from city to city, like a silent, tragic sentinel.  He has tried to engage her, but each time he tries to confront her, the conflict between the idealistic Emma of his past, and the real world adult she has become paralyzes him. What he is certain of is that his destiny seems forever to be unfulfilled.

When he finally breaks free and reveals himself to her, his worst fears are realized. After an almost perfectly choreographed reunion, Emma becomes suspect that something is not as it seems and that Will's behavior is teetering on obessional.

Is Will's state of mind irreproachably scarred by his past, or does he live for the pure emotion that drives him. In his imaginary world, he has never left her. He believes he's been held in a suspended state, waiting for destiny to return him to his soul mate.

But his imaginary world inevitably crumbles when it becomes clear that his love will be unacknowledged driving Will into a free fall and pulling everyone around him along with him. Emma, his brother, his friends all have to confront the fact that their own realities are in fact, equally fragile.

In “Waiting For Forever”, everything from the most sentimental notions of romance to life and death itself are faced by each of the characters in personal and revealing ways that are raw, honest and sincere.  The film is a testament to the blind innocence of love and the power it has to heal.


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