Power and Control


Power and control. Those two emotions are the cornerstones behind almost all abusive behavior. Once an abuser has them, it’s incredibly hard to let them go. Unfortunately for many victims, their abusers maintain that power and control by repeated and repressive dominance. This is why abuse is rarely - if ever - a one time or isolated occurrence, but rather a pattern of repeated behaviors meant to assert the abuser’s will either through physical, sexual, mental or verbal abuse.

Over time abuse occurs with greater frequency and severity. This can continue down a cycle that has repercussions for years and may often result in the physical or emotional death of the victim.

There is hope. There is a chance to break the power and control. Victims of abuse need to learn that they are worth so much more than the abuse they are put through and remove themselves from their situation. Thinking it will change or get better simply doesn’t happen. If you’re a victim of abuse or know someone who is, it’s time to break the cycle of power and control. It’s time to take power and control for yourself.

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