Safe Online Tools for Kids

Do your kids spend time online to do their homework? Navigating to safe and helpful websites can sometimes be difficult for kids and parents alike. We’ve compiled some of our favorite sites below and included a little info about why they made the list.

This Yahoo sponsored website has a lot to offer. From easy to access reference tools such as a dictionary and encyclopedia, and a World Fact Book. The site also offers some science videos and a feature called “Ask Earl” where kids can type in their questions and “Earl” will provide an answer. They can also peruse questions Earl has already answered.

The cool factor: The coolest feature of this site is the World Fact Book, hands down. It provides information about Climate, People, Government, Economy, Transportation, Military, etc. about every recognized country—perfect for any student writing a country report.

Kidrex is a search engine powered by Google Custom Search and Google Safe Search to produce kid friendly results. The Custom Search helps provide websites that are meant specifically for kids and the Safe Search ensures that each site will be appropriate, whether it was intended for kids or not.

The cool factor: While is a free service, for just $5 a month, parents can also purchase “Kidrex Pro,” tool that connects to the FireFox browser and allows kids to surf the web using the same filtering system that the Kidrex search engine uses. Instead of just blacklisting certain websites, Kidrex Pro constantly monitors and blocks inappropriate sites based on their content.

There are three areas on this fun site: Movies, Games, and Answers. The Movies and Games sections aren’t anything special, as they function mainly as a search engine, directing the user off of the website.

The cool factor: However, the Answers section is great for any kid with lots of questions. More comprehensive than Ask Earl, it compiles questions and their answers about almost any topic a kid could wonder about.

While we think this a great kid friendly tool for surfing through questions and answers, when the user types something into the search box, it directs you off of the website. Generally, the sites that it directs the user to are kid friendly. However some of them may not be appropriate for younger children, so, just like any website, it’s important for parents to monitor how their children are using it.

This last site is more about having fun than doing homework, but we still like it. Knowledge Adventure features educational and just for fun online games and quizzes for kids of all ages. Kids and parents can sort games by age or grade level, subject, arcade, etc.

The cool factor: With only one small advertisement per page and all of the games housed within the site, parents can be sure that their kids are safe exploring with little worry that they might land on a website not meant for children.

What are some websites you feel comfortable with your kids working and playing on? We’d love for you to share your favorites in the comments.

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