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As I have mentioned before in a few blog posts, then new Childhelp PSA's with Casper Van Dien are getting tons of views and getting alot of notice. I was recently contacted by the Sci-Fi Channel in the UK and asked if Casper and I would do an interview to discuss the thought process behind the PSA's and how it helps the core Childhelp message reach new audiences.

Here is an excerpt:

Sam Ricketts: Personally, I think the new PSAs are a fantastic idea, not only because I love any excuse to see characters from Starship Troopers, but because using such popular characters and settings helps immensely to reduce the stigma of child abuse - in effect, removing any taboo, and helping victims of abuse feel more confident seeking help. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what the response would be to a similar campaign in the UK. Do you think the current campaign might be considered 'U.S. Only', or do you think the sensibilities of other countries simply haven't been tested yet?
Derrek Hofrichter: Unfortunately, the problem of child abuse is global and found in every economic and social level. It has definitely been a taboo subject in the U.S. up until pretty recently, and is even more so in some other countries. Using popular characters and settings can go along way towards reducing stigmas and reaching larger audiences than would normally tune into the message. I don't think the PSA's need to be considered U.S. only, insofar as the Starship Trooper franchise has done quite well around the world and has many fans, especially in the UK. Our organization used to be named Childhelp USA, but dropped the "USA" part a few years ago because we wanted to reach out and help prevent and treat child abuse around the world, and if this PSA can be impactful outside the U.S., then we would welcome the chance to share it.

Click here for the whole interview.

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