Shaq, Betty White and Buckcherry Come Together for Hope - Upcoming PSA

Shaquille O’Neal, Betty White and Buckcherry. What do they have in common? They are all being featured in an upcoming PSA for Childhelp!

Why Support Childhelp?

Child abuse is America's best kept secret — did you know that 5 children die a day from abuse? These influential celebrities and advocates for children’s rights know it very well and they’re not going to stay quiet about it anymore! They've lent their voices and their talent to put together, what we're sure will be, a powerful tool in this fight against child abuse and neglect.

While the PSA is currently being edited in post-production, check out these awesome behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes clips, footage and more!


Shaq and Betty Shenanigans


Behind The Scenes of the Childhelp 'Hope' PSA | Photo Gallery


Gearing Up for the Childhelp 'Hope' PSA | Jayne Films

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