Together - Ending the Cycle of abuse


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 5 children die every day in the United States because they were abused or neglected. Whether the meat of that fact is difficult to digest or it falls like gravity before your feet, it’s true.

Here at Childhelp, our lives revolve around that fact and putting every effort in to one day reducing that number to zero.

But we can’t do this alone.

As Maureen Basenberg, director of ChildHelp Children’s Center of Arizona has said in a recent interview, “To know the extent of it and to really own that within our society, you really have to open up a piece of your soul to say that you realize the capacity that man has to hurt children. A lot of people won’t go there. They just won’t. And the thing about not opening up and recognizing that these acts do occur on a regular basis – that lack of knowledge, that naïveté – that’s what allows children to die.”

In other words, we need you. Not your mayor or your school counselor or Mrs. Volunteers-for-everything. We need you —because each person can have a unique impact to help end child abuse.

Join a Childhelp Wings Chapter
Wings chapters are comprised of a variety of family members and individuals who enjoy the opportunity to build stronger relationships with one another while supporting the Childhelp programs serving their area. Young members are mentored into a lifestyle of giving back, while learning about the power of their voice.

For more information about Childhelp Wings Chapters, click here.

Today, there are a variety of Wings groups across the United States organizing hundreds of simple, yet effective events which together support the lifesaving programs and services of Childhelp. Wings members demonstrate the power to affect great change when the effort of one joins the efforts of many.

We hope you’ll join us because together we can stop the cycle of abuse and create a safe and loving world for our children.

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