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Often we share resources, news and tips but we know and value the Childhelp community which is full of sharp folks with great insights. So, last week we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers what advice they would give to a stressed parent and the feedback we received was wonderful.

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Advice To Stressed Parents

Just remember – this too will pass…….. Stay calm – Elicia

Go for a long walk. – Jerry

Take two very long deep breaths. It will lower your blood pressure and provide oxygen to your brain, so that you can think more clearly. – Maureen

Give yourself and your child the opportunity to walk away from the confrontation until you both have cooled down. My son and I had a hand signal that either one of us could use, it meant “we can’t discuss this right now because one of us (or both) is too upset”, we would regroup and then could discuss things rationally. – Beverly

If you have a baby or toddler still in a crib, stressed out parents can place their baby in the crib and take a breather for 10 or so minutes. clear your head, relax, breathe. they’re safe in the crib, they can’t go anywhere, go somewhere and calm down. if your kids are older, have them go play in their room (or outside if they’re old enough and its warm enough). again, breathe through it and wait a few minutes before engaging again. – Dorothy

Stop, walk away from the situation, take a deep breath and count to ten…if that doesn’t help, then continue to count until the stress disappears…… ♥ – Valerie

Yes, walk away, calm down and think. If you can’t walk away, hold your hands up and say, Whoa, can we think about this for a minute. – Nancy

Breath and walk away from the situation if you have to. When my son freaks out, we tell him to stop and breath. It helps a lot. – Tammy

Yes walk away! The crying will stop, my daughter cried from midnite to 6 am off and on for 3 months!! I thought I was going crazy! If baby is safe just walk away for 10 min get your head straight. – Michelle

If the stress doesn’t go away after the breathing spell, try and call someone to either talk to or come over and give you another breather, putting something or someone between you and the crying or misbehaving child and your anger. – Elizabeth

Painting the house! Or, coloring books. When it was warm and I needed a break, I’d give the kids a pail of water and a paintbrush and let them “paint the house.” Too cold, I sat them down w/coloring books. They were entertained and I got a few minutes for a cup of tea. – Sami

You’re not alone!! – Beth

Best advice would be to stop what you are doing and have it be snack time. Ice cream or even apple slices will give you time to relax and bond better for a moment with your child. Then reevaluate what stressed you out. – Jennifer

Get a babysitter and take some time for yourself. it doesnt make you a bad parent. everyone needs a break from time to time. – Francie

Reach out, you can (sic) parent alone, the research on strong and healthy families indicates that parents who are connected to community create healthy families and relationships. – Timothy

Take a break. Walk away. When you come back, say “I love you,” before you say anything else. – Jess

A shower.put urself in time out ….. – Candiann

Good suggestions smile…I agree take a walk if possible or even go on a walk together if weather is nice enough. Fresh air might do both good. Call a friend,time-out or 5min quiet time…Maybe suggest calmi down time (time to read or look at a book or some quiet activity)…few tips depending on the situation :D – Cindy

Imagine life without them and how sad you’d be. Calms me every time. – Jeanine

But yourself in time out. – Leigh

Walk away for five to ten minutes, then go back and discuss the situation calmly with your child. – Angela

Find time to not be Mom/Dad. Be you. You’re depriving your children of knowing you and losing yourself if you don’t. – Sylvia

In this day & age with families so separated. My advice is stay close to family members & friends so they can help out. – Gloria

Here are a few other tips from some of our great Twitter followers. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow us @Childhelp.

Remember that children are little versions of yourself, be patient, don’t react, rather take a step back, breathe, explain the why’s and why not of actions & words. I guess if I had to sum it up patience is key it leads to a lot less stress.

Stressed? It’s much better to ask for an adults help rather than for a child’s forgiveness. If you need help, ask.

Stressed? Walk away. Why? Because it only takes a few seconds of anger, to shatter lives forever.

It’s not easy being a parent. if we take our time with our children and set an example they turn out amazing. It’s never about material things but about love, nurturing & teaching them all you can so they can grow up to be confident and strong.

Take some time off to read this book and smile to yourself: “The Mommy Myth”.

Get help for yourself as well.

There is always some form of help out there, all you have to do is ask for it.

Take a break! Your only role in life is NOT just "parent”. Make sure there is balance, and prioritize time to enjoy your passions.

Thanks for all of these great tips! Building community as parents is a great way for us to all be successful in loving our kids the way they need to be loved.

You can join in the conversation too! In the comments, please share with us what advice you would give to a stressed parent.

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