Washington D.C. Metro Area

The Washington Area Chapter of Childhelp makes a substantial impact to area neglected and abused children each year, with help from Members, Sponsors and Volunteers...            

  •  $100,000 in fundraising alone provides 20,000 hotline calls.
  • Bring joy to over 240 children each year through parties and time with the kids at our Virginia centers.
  • Create awareness to nearly 1,000 people each year.
  • Provide necessities to three families annually going through Child Protective Services with much-needed items to include: furniture, clothing, pots and pans and toys.
  • Collect over 700 holiday gifts for the Village children through the Angel Tag program.
  • Provide administrative assistance when needed at our Virginia centers.
  • Provide auction items for the Center conference.
  • Facilitate dental care to about 30 Village and Center children.
  • Provide mentoring, tutoring and buddy time for the children at the Center and Village.
  • Facilitate message of hope to the area kids through inspirational life coach speeches.
  • Provide Art-Therapy supplies to the Village.
  • Provide hundreds of books for the Village.





Contact Information

Contact Hugh Nystrom
Tel 865-637-1753
Email hnystrom@childhelp.org


CFC# 11571