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About Athletes for Childhelp

Athletes For Childhelp (AFC) is a platform that brings philanthropic athletes together who want to train for or participate in any event (or sport) of their choosing and while doing so — raise much-needed funds to support Childhelp’s life-saving programs. Programs designed to help, treat and heal victims of child abuse, neglect and at-risk children in the United States. Your participation will help end child abuse. Athletes For Childhelp is an ongoing resource that provides athletes with the tools they need to help bring awareness to this growing epidemic, while doing what they love.

Who Can Be An Athlete For Childhelp?

A runner can participate in a marathon; a bowler can participate in their bowling league; a dodgeball team can go all the way to Nationals; or a triathlete can compete at Ironman — and each one is an Athlete For Childhelp. They have the support of the AFC community to help them reach their goals and fundraise to help end child abuse.

After all the hours of training, sweat and effort have come to pass, your hard work will be immeasurable to a child saved from abuse and neglect — sure beats a medal or bib at the finish line.

What Does It Mean To Be An Athlete For Childhelp?

  • Having fun
  • Getting or staying fit
  • Making a huge difference in abused children's lives
  • Working to help end child abuse in the United States
  • Speaking up for the children who can't
  • Impacting local and national communities positively

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"I felt so betrayed and alone. The person who was supposed to protect me and keep me safe, didnít do anything at all! Who could I have turned to? Who was going to help me overcome this and move on? I tried living my life as if nothing had happened but it is so hard to forget with the thoughts constantly frequenting my mind. It felt so uncomfortable even just laying down on my bed."

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