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A Charitable Annuity allows you to make a charitable gift today, receive an income for life, avoid capital gains, support Childhelp, Inc. and even possibly earn an immediate charitable tax deduction.

A Charitable Annuity is one of the most efficient charitable planning tools available today. They deliver many benefits to you while greatly simplifying the charitable giving process to include:

  • Receive Income for Life
  • Avoid Capital Gains
  • Typically Can Be Established at No Cost
  • Gain Immediate Tax Deductions
  • Avoid Estate Taxes

Charitable Annuities are part of the Estate Planning process and are typically east to set up. Just make a check payable to the Childhelp and complete a W9. Childhelp will, in turn, provide you with a complete certificate outlining the agreement to make income payments.

Childhelp works with a number of financial advisors and doesn’t endorse any particular one – we work with yours or can suggest a number we’ve worked with in the past. Please be sure to speak to an advisor on the different Planned Giving options available in the marketplace to meet your goals.

If you have questions or would like to start the Charitable Annuity process, please call the Childhelp Donor Development at 480-922-8212.


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