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Every year, Congress passes scores of new laws dealing with a huge variety of issues from national security to the economy. In the midst of this, it is all too easy for legislation intended to protect children from abuse and neglect to fall by the wayside. For this reason, it is vital that we keep the pressure on members of Congress to pass much needed legislation designed to protect the most innocent and defenseless in society – our children.

Here you will learn about important legislation that is pending before Congress and be able to personally email letters of support to your Congressperson and Senators. We urge you to let them know that you stand with Childhelp in requesting their support for the following bills.

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Legislation is constantly changing but the needs of our children never go away. Take a moment to send this letter to your congressmen and senator. It may not seem like much but the legislation Congress passes today could help a child tomorrow.

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S. 3456 Child Protection Act of 2012

Summary: Child Protection Act of 2012 – Amends Title 18 of the United States Code to require stricter penalties for possession of child pornography, will provided enhanced protection for child witnesses, and increases funding for the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

For more information on the bill’s status, sponsors, and full text, please Click Here

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Click on the links below each bill summary to send a letter to your congressman regarding your support or dislike of the legislation and it's role in the safety of our children. 


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