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Let your voice be heard by sending a message to Congress about what you want to see happening for child safety in our country.

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Dear ____________________,

I am writing today to ask for your support of the children in your district. I am sure that every day you have a multitude of bills crossing your desk, but I ask you to pay specific attention to those pertaining to our nations children.  They are our future and they deserve to be protected.

Nowadays, with such easy access to the internet, our children are even more vulnerable to preditors and those who would take advantage of them.  It is our resposiblity to keep them safe and to guard their innocence. 

Child abuse is a serious issue and passing bills concerning childhelp safety is an easy step we can take to help protect our nation’s children. As a supporter of Childhelp, an organization dedicated to the treatment and prevention of child abuse, and a constituent of yours, I urge you to suppose this important piece of legislation.



CFC# 11571