Do Not Track Kids Act | H.R. 1895

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Letter | Do Not Track Kids Act of 2011

Dear Congressman ___________________, 

I am writing to urge you to support  H.R. 1895 “Do Not Track Kids Act of 2011” cosponsored by Congressman Markey and Barton.  This legislation  amends the “The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998” to extend, revise and update provisions relating to the collection and use as well as disclosure of personal information of children. The bill also establishes other protections for personal information belonging to minors.  

A recent Wall Street Journal investigation discovered that children are more likely than adults to be tracked in cyberspace.  Brightly colored, user friendly websites featuring cartoon characters can also be providing data collection companies with information about a child’s age, race, hobbies, shopping habits and general locations.

When this information is sold to advertisers, it provides them with tools to target children and teens based on their computer browsing habits.  I am a support of Childhelp, a national non-profit dedicated to the treatment and prevention of child abuse. As Childhelp broadens its prevention curriculum to include cyberstalking and bullying, this legislation is an important step in creating a culture of safety for our children. 

Representative Markey recently told the LA Times: “Children should be playing hide and seek, not hide from the creep”.  The Markey/Barton legislation ensures that children’s online habits are secured from collection and protected from profiling.

Passing this bill is one step we can take to help protect our nation’s children. As a supporter of Childhelp and a constituent of yours, I urge you to support this important piece of legislation.



CFC# 11571