How do I get my Hotline Poster Sponsored?


10 great places to get your poster sponsored…


  1. Local Business’s: Business owners are always looking for ways to help out in their community and contribute in any way that’s feasible and not too costly.

  3. Your neighborhood community center: What better place to have your poster sponsored and displayed then at your local community center where Children and Teens frequent.

  5. The nearest hospital or clinic: There may be several employees who will “pitch” in to reach that $5 and get the first call sponsored.

  7. Fast food restaurants: If they cannot display the poster in their window front, ask if they can place it in their public restroom or employee break room.

  9. Classrooms: Ask your teacher or child’s teacher if they would sponsor the poster to be placed in their classroom, once they hear what your mission is, it will be hard for them to turn you down!

  11. Your place of employment: Get your co-workers involved! If only 5 of them donated a dollar, your first call off your hotline poster is sponsored. You can then see if your employer will let you display your poster. Mission Accomplished!

  13. Community boards: Community boards can be found everywhere, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, the car wash etc.  Ask the manager or owner if they or their employees are interested in sponsoring a hotline poster for just $5, and then posting it on their community board!

  15. Your gym or yoga studio: So you workout 2 or 3 times a week, why not ask your gym owner or yoga instructor if they could sponsor a hotline poster?

  17. Your Friends: Ask your friends to join you in your mission and the next time they ask you for help, you’ll gladly oblige!

  19. Your Family: Get your family involved, split up your pack of ten posters and divide them amongst your Parents, Siblings, Aunts Uncles, even Grandma will want to get it on the awareness you’re trying to spread!

How do I speak about the life saving services Childhelp offers?

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to print a PDF that offers information on Childhelp’s history, the National Child Abuse Hotline, our Mission and the Childhelp Wings program. Use this as a guide, or print it and give a copy to your potential sponsors!


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