How to Raise $300

Are you Running the Course with us this April? We wanted to share some quick tips on how you can quickly put a dent in your fundraising goals and provide much needed funds for Childhelp’s life-saving programs. As little as $300 will provide 60 lifesaving calls to the National Child Abuse Hotline, provide the supplies needed for 12 children to receive art therapy at one of our residential treatment centers or provide the feed necessary for our animal therapy friends for an entire month.


With this simple equation, you’ll have reached the target $300 in no time.

- Start with your own donation of $25
- Ask four friends for $25
- Ask two family members for $20
- Ask a grandparent for $25
- Ask four co-workers for $10
- Ask three neighbors for $10
- Ask your doctor for $25
- Ask a local merchant for $15

Total raised



change stacks








Success! You'll soon realize that $300 adds up quickly and it will mean the world of difference for a child visiting our facilities, receiving treatment and therapy. Keep it up!

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