Random Acts of “Kid-ness”

Inscribed above the doors of each Childhelp facility are the words “All who enter here will find love.” Childhelp believes that love creates hope and can heal all wounds, and that kindness is an outward expression of love.

Random Act Of Kid-ness

Each summer Childhelp supporters focus on sharing acts of kindness with their community, raising awareness about the kindness that Childhelp is bringing to victims of child abuse and neglect. In turn, those who receive the act of kindness are encouraged to ‘Pay it Forward’ by educating themselves on the signs and symptoms of abuse and share that knowledge to keep other children safe from abuse.

You can participate by simply printing out the cards, and then passing them to the person whom you are choosing to ‘gift’ with a random act of "kid-ness."

Ideas for acts of kid-ness can include:

  • Offer a couple hours of babysitting to a parent
  • Do yard cleanup or simple home repairs for a neighbor
  • Pass out bottles of water in a public area on a hot day
  • Tutor a child
  • Let someone in line go ahead of you
  • Pay the tab of the person behind you at the fast food or coffee shop drive through
  • Read to the elderly
  • Pay someone’s toll
  • Bring co-workers or homeroom students a treat

In each instance, pass out the Random Act of "Kid-ness" card to the person you are helping so that they are aware of the kindness being done by Childhelp. Our hope is that they will pay it forward, and that we will bring more kindness into the world and save lives.

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Download Childhelp Random Acts of "Kid-Ness" Card.

Download the Childhelp Wings Random Acts of "Kid-Ness" Card.

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