Holiday Stocking Stuffing 2012

Childhelp Founders with Christmas Stocking It’s something that most of us probably took for granted as children. Something that added a little something extra to our Christmas morning as we rushed to the family room bright and early on Christmas morning after we had dragged our drowsy parents from their sleep. Hung by the chimney with care, stockings symbolized the start of an amazing day filled with family, fun, gifts, and delicious food.

Growing up, emptying our stockings was the first task that was accomplished in the morning. My mother would make us all a cup of her home-made peppermint hot chocolate (made from REAL chocolate, of course!) and then one at a time each of us would approach the fireplace, where my father would have just gotten a merry blazing going, which he would continue to feed throughout the day so it never went out. Now that I look back on it, I think that is why stockings had to be opened first thing, because typically there was always at least an item or two of chocolate and they were sure to have been melted if they stayed up there too long.

Our stockings were filled with little toys and trinkets, accessories, our favorite candies and other random things my parents had collected. Nothing in our stockings ever cost very much but it was the thought that went into it that counted. It simply made a fun start to a great day.

~ Written by Angela


Help Childhelp spread a little bit of holiday happiness!


Allowing a child to experience this little joy, during a time that to them is filled with pain and hurt, is just a simple way that Childhelp helps make the holidays brighter and merrier for the children on our care. In such a simple thing, sadness is transformed to hope and happiness and a brighter outlook for the season.

It doesn’t take much. A small $5 or $10 dollar donation can provide a child with a few items that will put a huge smile on their face.

If you would be interested in sponsoring or donating a Christmas stocking, please email Childhelp for more information.

Getting In The Spirit Of Texting

Wanna hlp r KDS have a GR8 HOLS? That's text speak, or SMS English, for: Would you like to help our children have a great holiday?

Well, you can! It's easy, all it takes is your cell phone and you don’t even have to speak SMS English to make wishes come true.


Text To Stuff A Stocking!

Stocking stuffers — colored pencils, journals, hair accessories — don't have to cost more than $5 or $10.

And with the holidays being filled with such hustle and bustle, our Text-To-Donate program Text-To-Stuff-A-Stocking program makes spreading the holiday cheer a little easier (and faster).

For children in crisis during the holidays, little gifts of warmth and love let them know that this season may not be perfect, but there are brighter days ahead.

Simply text CHLP5 or CHLP to 20222 to donate $5 or $10. For step-by-step instructions, click here.


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