Thank You To Our Helping Hands ChildHelpers

In recognition of your support in the amount of $500 and above per year, Childhelp thanks you as one of our top level, Helping Hands ChildHelpers. You stand out as leaders and change makers in this fight against child abuse.


Thank you to...


Cassandra Binder

Melissa Ake

Patricia Edwards

Jacquelyn Henry-Hicks

Aaron Jones

Annamarie Messick

Mary Jo Drueke

Sharon Ham

Kelli Brennan

Clark Toole

David Meier

Max Wheeler

Susan Fincher

Shelley Soulema

Mark Perlmutter

Kathlee Forrester

Karen Van Beek

Naomi Rook

Kaleo Schneider

Justin Storm

Jennifer Hichme

Leah Laboy

Alex Handwerker

Last Name: Rook

Laura Watson

Samantha Brennan

Jennifer Guerrera

Leah Shockley

Brenda Koehler

Mike and Mary O'Day

Kelly Therrien

Hasan Keser

Michal Madison Art

Alexandra Jewell

Janet Monroe

Kimberly Rogers

Amit Batheja

Virgil Verstoppen

Amanda Ikard

Tim Lind

Carrie Pittman

Robbie Bush

 Patricia Rutan

Tim Lind

Rowanne Karapogosian


CFC# 11571