Resolution to end child abuse unveiled today

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (August 6, 2010) – Childhelp unveiled a resolution today that brought together all50 Governor’s of the union to stand against child abuse and resolve to eradicate it.  A joint press conference was held with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to announce the resolution.  The resolution states: Whereas, children are America’s most precious asset and deserve our most committed support and protection; and whereas, the issue of child abuse and neglect is a serious and growing problem in America; and whereas, every 10 seconds a child is abused in America and whereas, ever day five children die as the result of child abuse in America; and whereas, ever year millions of children are abused in America; and whereas, due to the current economic downturn child abuse has been increasing in incidences and in severity in America. Now, therefore, be it resolved, that we, the Governors of the fifty United States of America and affiliated Territories, hereby pledge to do everything in our power to fight and bring an end to child abuse in America.  “It was a wonderful privilege for me to help collect these signatures, with all Governors pledging to do everything in our power to fight and bring an end to child abuse in America,” said Gov. Brewer. Child abuse estimates for the U.S. are that over 1,700 children die annually from abuse – or almost 5 children per day. Based on a UNICEF report, the United States has abuse and neglect death rates that are 10-15 times higher than the average for leading countries- representing 42% of the world total of deaths of children under the age of 15. 51 children died from abuse in 2009 in Arizona alone.  “We could not imagine anyone better to stand beside us in the battle against child abuse than Governor Brewer. We congratulate her for being a fearless leader and tackling unpopular issues in order to enact positive change for Arizona and our country,” said Childhelp Co-Founder Sara O’Meara. Unlike other childhood diseases, the cure for this horrible epidemic is available to all children. All it requires is support and strength from each community. Childhelp is focused on encouraging and providing resources for parents, families and caregivers around the country.  Childhelp has accomplished much and made an impact in the lives of millions of children over the last 50 years, though much more needs to be done. Child abuse cases have been increasing across the nation as CPS workers are being laid off during budget cuts and parents struggling with financial problems and venting their frustrations on their children. Recent studies have estimated the impact to American society of child abuse to be over $100 billion annually. # # #


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