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Since 1993, the Childhelp Alice C. Tyler Village has been providing a continuum of healing services for boys and girls ages 5 - 14 in a safe, structured and therapeutic environment. Producing a true community atmosphere, the Village houses as many as 67 children.

The Village is located on 270 beautiful acres in Culpeper County, Virginia. The Village provides care for children whose emotional and behavioral issues prevent them from being successful in the community. Some of these children are receiving treatment to address past issues of abuse and neglect while others are receiving treatment focused on managing the emotional and behavioral issues associated with psychiatric and neuro-developmental disorders.

While at Village, these children are empowered to overcome obstacles and move forward in their lives to be reintegrated back into nurturing homes.

Contributing to the healing process, the setting offers biking and hiking trails, fields, fishing ponds and streams, a swimming pool, go-carts, gymnasium, an equestrian center for horseback riding and an animal care center.

Do you have a child or know of a child who may benefit from the long-term residential services at the Village? Click here to see the needed documentation for admission consideration.

The children who benefit from long-term residential services at the Village vary, however we commonly help children who have been severely abused, neglected, at-risk and suffer from psychiatric and/or neurodevelopmental disorders.

  • Severe psychiatric disorders (mental, emotional and behavioral)
  • Serious developmental disturbances
  • Significant disturbances in environmental relationships


Horse Therapy at Childhelp Alice C Tyler Village Virginia

Clinical Services

The Clinical Services department at the Village is staffed by Master’s level clinicians who are licensed or license-eligible.

Whenever possible, the Village clinicians utilize evidence-based treatment interventions such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy and interventions supported by attachment research. We aim to create a therapeutic environment in which children experience sufficient safety and support to re-kindle their potential for healthy attachment relationships. Family therapy may be conducted by phone for families who are greater distances from the facility, but we require a minimum of one face-to-face session each month in order to facilitate changes in the family system necessary to support the child’s progress.

Educational Services

Village Academy is a licensed Special Education School that provides educational services to children in grades K-8. The philosophy of Village Academy is based on the concept that all children can make academic, behavioral and social gains when appropriate educational experiences are provided. A range of services are provided that lead to the development of skills necessary for the successful participation in their community environments. Village Academy offers a Learning support classroom that addresses those students with severe cognitive, adaptive and educational deficits. We also maintain a small teacher to student ratio and work with each student’s county to ensure the efficacy of Individual Education Plans.

Spiritual Services

Childhelp Village takes a holistic approach to serving children. In addition to physical, emotional and educational needs; we also seek to address the spiritual needs of the children we serve. Spirituality can express itself as creativity, compassion, curiosity and ritual. We hope to give children many opportunities to express themselves spiritually. With a full-time Chaplain on staff, regular, voluntary non-denominational services and literature are available for children who live on-site. Our unique location on a 270-acre farm allows us to involve the children in the natural world through gardening, animal care and nature study as well as abundant physical activity.

Specialty Services

  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Physical Examination
  • Educational Assessment
  • Recreational Assessment
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing
  • Individual, Family and Group Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Daily Milieu Therapy
  • Experiential Therapy Techniques
  • Trauma Focused Therapy and Intervention supported by Attachment Research
  • Equine and Animal Assisted Therapy

Below is the documentation needed for admission consideration.

  • Psychological Evaluation including full scale IQ
  • Psychiatric Evaluation (as applicable)
  • Current IEP or current Educational information
  • Documentation of current behaviors/medications
  • Recent Medical History (especially if there are major medical issues)
  • Medication History


The Ultimate Benefit of the Village

Through a custom and individualized treatment plan children steadily progress to a new and healthier journey. While it’s always sad to see a child leave the Village, each staff member strives to see a child discharged to a less restrictive, positive placement such as being reunited with his or her family, adopted, placed with a relative or foster family or relocated to a less intensive treatment facility.

For general questions or information about our programs, please contact us:

Childhelp Alice C. Tyler Village
23164 Dragoon Road
Lignum, VA 22726
T 540-399-1926
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