Childhelp Group Homes of California

Childhelp Group Homes

Childhelp’s California Group Homes seek to heal some of the most challenged children in California’s child welfare system by providing them with comprehensive treatment in a nurturing, safe environment. These children, who have been devastated by violence and fear, and have not been able to change their journey of disruption, are in need of unconditional acceptance and stabilization. Since 1996, California has operated on a mission to repair and rebuild the souls of these children, replacing patterns of violence and distrust with positive interactions with caring adults. The Group Homes help children achieve this through counseling, therapy, support and, most importantly, structure. Childhelp operates three group homes in residential neighborhoods of Costa Mesa, California.

  • The Baker Home provides care and services for up to six girls ages 9-16 years old.
  • The Joann Home provides care for up to six boys ages 9-16 years old.
  • The Johnson Home provides short-term placements to girls ages 12-18 years old. It is also for children who need a short-term placement for stabilization before being transferred to the Baker Home or Joann Home.

Like a Family

California Group Homes provide an intensive level of supervision and therapeutic services to prepare children for the transition into a lower level of care such as foster homes, adoptive homes or reunification with families/guardians. Children receive therapy, counseling and support, while participating in extracurricular activities. The family-like setting helps the children adapt to life in a “typical” family, thereby increasing their chances of living successfully with a parent/guardian, an adopted, foster or extended family upon transition.

It’s Who We Are

Upon admission, each child is assessed for an Individualized Treatment Plan, also known as a Needs and Services Plan. All direct care staff are educated on the child’s treatment plan to ensure residents receive the most appropriate clinical services and interventions. Comprehensive treatment includes psychological, educational, clinical and recreational therapies.

Childhelp staff work to cultivate trust and self-worth in every child. Therapists facilitate a weekly social skills building group, focusing on developing skill in manners, sharing, cooperation and making friends. Therapists identify children who may benefit from participation in smaller groups to address more specific issues of anger management, sexual victimization and developmental deficits.

Enrichment Programs

  • Recreation Program
  • Behavior Modification Program
  • Educational Tutoring and Support
  • Special Friends Program
  • Extended Foster Care (AB12) Services at Johnson Home

Program Distinctives

  • Group Home Clinicians are supervised by the Clinical Director from the facility in Beaumont, California. Medication support is monitored by the Beaumont nurse and psychiatrist.
  • Group Home Special Friends Program provides opportunities for long-term matches and the possibility of life-long relationships with Special Friends.
  • The Orange County Chapter is greatly involved in the Group Home Special Friend Program, social and recreational activities and home improvement.
  • The Group Homes utilizes all of the available community resources like recreational facilities, community events, community parks, community swimming pools, Cinco de Mayo festival, etc.
  • Daily living skills program which includes paid vocational opportunities.



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