Childhelp Mobile Advocacy Center of Northern Arizona

Help is on the Way

Established in 2003 in partnership with the Safe Child Center at the Flagstaff Medical Center, the mobile center combines specialized services and state-of-the-art telemedicine technology to provide crisis intervention, forensic interviews, medical examinations, and referrals for the area’s abused and neglected children and their families. The 38-foot specially outfitted motorhome makes it possible for members of its multidisciplinary team (MDT) to take “help” on the road attending to, and empowering children who might otherwiseremain tangled in the chains of maltreatment. It is a truly unique facility with the ability to see a diverse population of children in remote areas as soon aspossible following a disclosure of abuse.

In Times of Need

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of using an advocacy center is the expedited and less traumatizing means of investigation. Uniquely equipped in three divided, child friendly, sound proofed, air - conditioned rooms, professionals aboard the mobile unit can provide medical treatment, investigational resources, mental health therapy, and victim support services to address the immediate safety and complete well-being of children who are referred to the center.

With the ability to access victims, professionals aboard the unit are able to refer children in need for mental health services and deliver timely crisis intervention. Research confirms with this type of intervention, victims of abuse are better able to handle crisis and have fewer long-term negative effects.

The Mobile Advocacy Center also serves as a source of information, giving out victim’s compensation information and assistance, and delivering educational literature to families and professionals. In times of need, the mobile center races to supply services and benefits supporting the Grand Canyon State’s most precious people…its children.

Collaboration is Key

The Mobile Advocacy Center has joined with local law enforcement throughout Northern Arizona and the Safe Child Center at Flagstaff Medical Center. Child victims and their families are referred by Department of Child Safety, Office of Child welfare Investigation, the FBI, local police departments and sheriff's offices, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Enrichment Programs

  • Community Outreach and Awareness Education

Program Distinctives

  • The services provided within the mobile advocacy center mirror those available at the Childhelp Children’s Center of Arizona.
  • The mobile advocacy center partners with local law enforcement agencies throughout Northern Arizona.
  • Collaborates and shares resources with Coconino County Interagency Council and the Safe Child Center at Flagstaff Medical Center.
  • Areas served by the mobile advocacy center include Apache, Coconino, Navajo, and Gila counties.
  • The mobile advocacy center is decorated to reflect Childhelp’s ongoing philosophy that puts the child first by helping the child feel at ease in their surroundings.


Mobile Advocacy Center of Northern Arizona


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