Neglected, Abused, and Molested; Ron Couldn’t Escape

Despite 15 years of horrific and potentially fatal child abuse, Ronald T. tells his real life account of the struggles he endured in his youth and how he copes with his past as an adult. Read More »

I Still Struggle

My first real memory was at age 4 being beaten due to a scratch in her new table, but the cigarette burn scars and hot coffee burn scars tell of earlier abuse. Read More »

Did Somebody Touch You?

I was 9 years old when it happened. My stepmom’s dad came into the kitchen and stood behind me. I didn't think much of it at first, but then I felt something rubbing against my butt. Read More »

Shh It’s A Secret..

As a child I had to be strong, otherwise I wouldn’t be here to tell you my story. My childhood reminds me of what hell must be like. I remember as early as the age of 4, my father was doing many things to me; I thought because he loved me, this was his way of saying it to me. Read More »

I Owe Everything To My Education

I've been my own family since I was 12, that's when the abuse got worse. Put the dishes in the wrong place, you were slapped, punched. I owe everything to my education, it has always been the only thing supporting me and keeping me going. Read More »

I Hurt Daily

I was literally afraid of my mother. I ran away several times and tried to find ways for CPS to get involved so they would take us. It never worked though, she always fooled them and I got beat as soon as they walked out the door. Read More »

Earmarks of an Abused Teenager

I guess it all started the year my father retired from the US Navy. He molested me. I was only 12. Ten months after this happened, my father died from a heart problem complicated by his drinking. That is when the emotional abuse began from my mom. Read More »

Still Living With Pain

My father never said he loved us, I guess he just assumed we knew. It seemed like whatever I did was wrong and deserved a punishment. I've been knocked over by furniture, chained to a tree, hit because something happened and he figured it was my fault. (Many, many times I had nothing to do with whatever it was that set him off.) Read More »

My Son’s Fight for Survival

My son was shaken by his biological father when he was three months old. He shook our son so hard that when he got him to the hospital (which was only five minutes away) he did not have a pulse. Read More »

Keep Fighting, Time Heals

I look in the mirror and I see someone who was a victim by fate but a survivor by choice and that person is beautiful in her own special way. Read More »

I’m a Bad Kid

Every day he told me I was a bad kid. I brought this on myself. Why couldn't I behave? Why couldn't I just do what he told me? Why did I have to look like my mother? Read More »

Suppressed for Too Long

I felt like I wasn’t allowed to do things because he wanted me for himself, and all my mom could see was that he was overprotective of me. But he did it again, I was 16. Read More »

Constantly Afraid

I'm grateful I was taken away. I do still feel empty from all the neglect but I survived and now have a better life. Read More »

Nearly a Decade Later

I think the last time she hit me was late late elementary
 Not long after my mom stopped, my dad started abusing me. Read More »

I Believed Her

It took me a long time to be able tell
 anyone what was going on. Social workers would come and my
 mother would promise that she wouldn't do it again if we didn't tell
. She would always say she was sorry and that she wouldn't do it again. Read More »

My Son’s Fight For Survival

He shook our son so hard that when he got him to the hospital (which was only five minutes away) he did not have a pulse. Through the nurses and doctors hands, God brought my son back to life. Read More »

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